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The Forest for Learning is managed to conserve environmental and ecological integrity, and to foster educational programming in forest ecology, stewardship and sustainability. Our primary goal is to promote appreciation for the natural world.


Guidelines for Use:

  • All Trails are designed as footpaths. Wheelchairs, bikes, and skiers may encounter unsuitable terrain in some sections. Mountain bikes are permitted on the trails, but please don’t use them during wet periods.


  • Dogs are permitted, but must be kept under the owner’s control at all times, with leashes required during student-use hours: M-F 8-5. All waste must be carried out and disposed of at home. Disposal facilities are not available on-site.


  • Outdoor Classrooms are located at various spots in the Forest, for use by the Putney Central School.  Please respect these - they are important to the students and their teachers.


  • Please strive for low impacts to the Forest by following carry-in/carry-out and leave-no-trace practices. This includes dog waste.


  • Motorized Vehicles are not permitted in the Forest, except for emergencies and authorized maintenance activities.


  • Outdoor Fires and Camping are not permitted without prior authorization from Forest for Learning.


  • Hunting and Trapping is not permitted.



If you have questions, please fee free to contact us! Thank you!

If you'd like to read more about the reasons we have prohibited motor vehicles, you may do so here.

Land Use Policy

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